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'Pacific Rim', 'The Lone Ranger', And The Necessary Evil Of 3D


By Scott Mendelson


The big and somewhat unexpected box office news last weekend was the mammoth debut of Pacific Rim in China.  The monsters vs. robots epic pulled in $45.2 million, a record debut for a Warner Bros. film in China, bringing its overseas total to a robust $200 million thus far. As of Sunday, the film had racked up $293 million worldwide, with several high-profile foreign debuts, such as Japan, still to come.  Point being, for better or worse, the film may end up being successful enough overseas to merit a sequel. 

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Goat & Yeti Announces Stereoscopic 3D Camera Rig


Portland, OR June 4th, 2013 – Goat & Yeti, LLC, a stereoscopic 3D 

production house, announced the debut of their new stereoscopic 3D 

beamsplitter rig, The Robert Rig. In development for several years, 

the Robert Rig is the most affordable beamsplitter rig commercially 


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Captured Melody

A Review by Eric Player

Captured Melody, a stereoscopic 3D film by Melissa Garza, is a classic coming of age story and, given its budget, a technological marvel.
The story of a young girl experiencing her first heartbreak and the strength she gains from the lesson in love would be enjoyable on its own, but it is wrapped around, and weaved into, the plight of a fairy princess in this charming children’s drama.
Beth learns there is more to herself than she ever dreamed, and in discovering that heroine inside, she saves the princess, her pride, and the day.
If you have a little girl in your life—or are a little girl at heart—I recommend this film!

Courtesy of Binocular Brother David Starkman

ZSpace Demo with LA 3D Club


By Melissa Garza

I had a great time attending the zSpace demo for the LA3D club on Tuesday evening. zSpace brings to life an interactive 3D environment in the form of a Cintiq. Aided by a stylus, users can interact with objects as if they were holograms through the use of a passive glasses display.

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Goat and Yeti’s “Robert Rig”

-by Alicia Robbins


[Sister Alicia Robbins and Rig Maker Jesse Blanchard]

One thing that I have struggled with as a DP/Stereographer/Engineer, is finding that happy medium between your high end, expensive rig such as 3Ality Technica TS5 rigs, and the smallest, pro-sumer grade camera such as the Sony HDR-TD10 which I recently used for a shoot.  

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Natasa Prosenc Stearns’ “Vortex”


- by Timi Boose

Approaching Wallspace  gallery from LA Brea Ave. in Los Angeles , a constantly swirling center fills the entire front window of the gallery. Viewable from inside and out – Natasa Prosenc Stearn’s Vortex is a mesmerizing 5 minute long looped video – a constant whirling of earthly materials – rocks, rice, fire, snow and other materials unnamed - circling around and around and down into a center hole. We hear sounds of weather and churning elements that change with each new material.

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Life of Pi Review


I saw Life of Pi the second week of December, and my mind just now processed everything. The visuals were some of the most stunning imagery I’ve ever seen. I still think about the story, what it all means, and how it ties into my own life.

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Here Are the Theaters Showing The Hobbit at 48fps in North America

(From Studio Daily By Bryant Frazer  

In case you missed it, the Los Angeles Times reported last week that The Hobbit will screen at its native 48fps projection rate in only about 450 North American movie theaters — probably a little more than 10 percent of the screens the film will eventually be booked on in the U.S. and Canada. 


For those who like to plan in advance, the film’s official website has posted a list of theaters that are booked to screen the film in what is now known as “HFR 3D.” (Scroll down to see the full list.) The “HFR” stands for high-frame-rate, of course, and the HFR version of The Hobbit will only be screened in 3D. It’s not quite clear if this list is exhaustive. We count 385 U.S. theaters and another 49 in Canada for a total of 434. It’s possible that more could convert before the film’s December 14 (or midnight December 13, depending on how you look at it) opening.

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