3DFGroup/3DFusion brings glasses free 3D to Macy’s Christmas Windows

3DFGroup is the sales, marketing and client services division of 3DFusion, the industry leader in 3D Glasses Free Technology.

James Bellante, Paul Olszewski and Dog Fowler wanted to incorporate this  exciting new technology in their legendary Macy’s Herald Square Christmas windows.

3DFGroup’s Paul Cohan and Gayle Gluck are spearheading the project on behalf of 3DFusion working alongside the Macy’s executives and Macy’s Speath Design, incorporating 3DFusion’s 9 screen 3D Glasses Free wall into the themed series of windows. The Wall is 126 “ diagonally, and measures 10 ½ feet across and 8 feet high.

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(Source: stereosisters.com)